The research program at Beaumont Hospitals in Michigan grows directly out of our commitment to high-quality patient care. Our vigorous programs of applied and clinical research emphasizes research with direct application to patient care.

Beaumont Research Institute

Since the Research Institute was established more than 30 years ago on the campus of Beaumont, Royal Oak, it has been improving patient's lives through quality clinical research. Beaumont research consists of drug and device development and testing, patient care outcomes, pre-clinical and laboratory research.

Beaumont participates in applied and clinical research, as well as clinical trials. Currently more than 350 investigators in over 35 departments conduct research using $28.7 million in research grants from government, foundation and commercial sources. Funding sources include:

  • National Institutes of Health
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • American College of Surgeons Oncology Group
  • American College of Radiology Imaging
  • Network pharmaceutical companies
  • Private foundations

Beaumont's strengths in patient care translate to strengths in research. Beaumont physicians clinical expertise is combined with significant patient volume and an extensive integrated healthcare network of specialty clinics, home care, and hospice facilities. These assets allow clinical trials at Beaumont to enroll nearly 81,000 registered patients in ongoing studies.

Research is also aided by Beaumont's world-first Applebaum Surgical Learning Center. Surgeons can practice new surgical procedures and technologies outside of the operating room, which improves patient safety. Surgical training simulation and telemedicine facilities are now available to surgeons, resident physicians, medical students, nurses, anesthetists, technologists, and other operating room personnel at Beaumont Hospitals in Michigan.

Beaumont investigators have a notable record of innovation and creativity. Results from their research has resulted in improved standards for patient care including:

  • Advanced, precision radiation technology that significantly reduces the time and expense of treating breast cancer.
  • CT heart scanning that is more accurate, less intrusive, faster and less costly than the standard diagnostic testing for emergency room chest pain patients. A Beaumont physician is currently leading a 750-patient, multi-center, randomized trial to further define uses and benefits of CT heart scanning.
  • Novel methods to treat painful conditions of incontinence with high-tech implanted devices. This will help treat millions of Americans who have voiding dysfunctions, including urinary urgency, frequency, urge continence and urinary retention. Preliminary research serves as the foundation for multiple clinical trials.

Our investigators are dedicated to scientific discovery. They constantly research ways to speed medical advances from the laboratory to the patient's bedside and ultimately into the community.

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