COVID-19 Emergency Center Curbside Screening

Thank you for coming to Beaumont Health for guidance on managing your health due to concerns regarding COVID-19. Please review this carefully before pulling up for Curbside Screening.


If you are experiencing life-threatening symptoms including shortness of breath, get out of line and immediately go to our emergency room (ER) entrance. No screening needed for children 12 and under; go straight to the ER.


Effective Monday, March 30, the Curbside Screening hours for all locations will be 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Curbside Screenings are available at all Beaumont hospitals, EXCEPT Beaumont, Wayne.



Most people with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 can self-treat at home.


Self-treatment includes lots of fluids, rest and over-the counter medications, like pain relievers.

  • Stay home for 7 days from the beginning of symptoms plus 3 days after symptoms resolve.
  • Presently, there is no vaccine or prescription medication to prevent or cure the virus.
  • According to the World Health Organization, 80% of people who contract COVID-19 recover without requiring hospitalization.

Most people with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 will not be tested for the virus to conserve the supply of test kits.


Even when screened at the curbside, you may or may not be tested based on your clinical conditions.

  • After evaluation by the screening team, if they determine that any testing is clinically indicated, an initial swab for influenza and possibly COVID-19 may be obtained. 
  • The screening team will also determine if you require entry into the Emergency Center for more intensive medical treatment.



  • are experiencing moderate cough and fever over 100.4 degrees
  • have chronic kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes, chronic lung disease or are receiving immunosuppression medication or are immunocompromised due to cancer treatment, recent surgeries or other conditions


After reading this, if you still want to wait for Curbside Screening, you will be screened but not tested unless directed by a provider.

Billing Information

Participating in Beaumont’s COVID-19 Emergency Center Curbside Screening is considered an emergency center visit and will result in a bill. However, the amount of money a patient will pay is still to be determined, as there are numerous government and health insurance programs and policies that are covering some or all the cost associated with screening and testing.


When patients proceed with a Curbside Screening, they provide personal contact information and health insurance information. No payment is required or collected at the time of the curbside screening.


All patients (insured and uninsured) will receive a bill or a statement after the visit. Curbside Screening cost coverage varies based upon each patient’s benefit plan and the availability of potential government assistance. Government and health insurance COVID-19 programs are evolving. As a result, it’s impossible to know exactly how much money, if any, a patient will be required to pay for screening and testing associated with Curbside Screening.


Not all patients who participate in Curbside Screening will be tested for COVID-19. During Curbside Screening, Beaumont’s clinical staff assesses the patient and determines what medical examinations and testing, such as COVID-19 testing, are needed.


NOTE: When this program started, a limited number of patients were charged at the curbside. If it is determined, based upon a patient’s insurance coverage, that the patient has overpaid, the processing of a refund will be prioritized. If a patient has an outstanding balance with Beaumont for other medical services, the refund will be applied to the patient’s existing account balance.


For any questions, please contact Beaumont’s billing services at 248-577-9205.